Wool Scarves - Wrap yourself completely in these super-soft, warm scarves. Made from a luxurious wool silk mix, these lightweight pieces are hand-finished with softly-frayed edges. Available in two sizes. Mine are an absolute workhorse when I travel, keeping me warm on the flight, then helping me feel put-together when I'm heading to appointments.

Silk Scarves - Cool and classic, these beautifully soft silk scarves perfectly capture the motion of the sea. Our Large Squares drape easily around the body, the ripples and folds of the silk mirroring the ocean's movement. Made from 100% silk, with hand-rolled edges, these scarves have endless styling possibilities - drape over the shoulders, knot under a blazer, entwine with a hair bun, team up with a bikini or attach to a favorite hand-bag.  Or try our smaller French Squares to lift the simplest sweater or tee - just twist around the neck Parisian-style. For those who prefer a longer-line, our Silky Skinnies offer flexibility with a contemporary touch.